the 10 best smells life has to offer

1. fresh herbs. particularly thai basil. and chopped cilantro just waiting to be combined with salsa verde, corn tortillas, and carne asada in the most delectable tacos.

2. rain. or more specifically, petrichor: the scent of rain on dry earth. it's like dirt waking up from a long, deep, peaceful sleep, and then laying there soaking in all the earth's beauty at once.

which brings me to my next one...

3. dirt. anytime I plant something, my senses are just overcome with yumminess. I actually had a bit of a.. ahem... problem with this during my last pregnancy (and you thought only crazies got pica). but no worries, some better prenatal vitamins fixed it. well..... mostly.

4. new baby. also known by the more popular term: mama crack.

5. husband. anytime and anywhere. except when he's dirty and sweaty from some construction project and likely covered in toxic chemicals. so really, just normal, clean husband smell.

6. bread baking.

7. the moment after birthday candles are blown out. it's like the smell of arson and happiness all invading your olfactory bulb in a sensation of overall awesomeness and nostalgia. even if you had lousy birthdays as a kid.

8. lakes. oh, man. it's the smell of my New England childhood.

9. the ocean. that salty, dead seaweed stank that you used to roll your window down (remember when windows rolled down?) with your siblings as you approached the beach to see who could smell it first. so delicious.

10. citrus, allspice, and christmas trees. it's like breathing in vaporized holiday cheer. if Bob Cratchit had only harnessed this scent and diffused it through Scrooge's home.. he would have obliterated his vendetta against Christmas faster than R'as Al Ghul and the Narrows in Gotham City.

And there you have it. My 10 fave smells. All brainstormed up while cooking green curry and dodging toys and children on my kitchen floor in the most absurd dance.


Pinterest FAIL 2.0

It seemed like the perfect idea. Old broken crayons that are ugly, annoying, never get used.. and present a choking hazard for curious baby sisters who learn with their mouth.

I've seen a million of these. I thought it would be easy.

But people on the internet are full of crap. 

So don't believe what they say. Don't follow their instructions.

Because things like this happen.
Ooooooo... so pretty, right?

It was. Until I melted my silicone mold in the oven and dripped melted crayon everywhere..

(Actually, that was Husband's doing. I had the sense to pause and think about the situation when I realized how floopy the mold had become.. to think about how I could get it out without spilling. And he, of course, swoops in to save the day and does the one thing I was trying NOT to do..)
And wouldn't you know it?

The stupid things hardly even came out!
Most of them came out in pieces. All of them left debris.
I think this little Ikea fishie mold is getting tossed. Along with all of my broken crayons- new and old.

Thank you, Pinterest. You big fat lying machine, you.

I knew I should have just followed Martha Stewart's instructions. That Martha. She knows everything.


9 months

This past month has been full of changes.

Some I was ready for, and some... not so much. Like cutting her first two teeth? Definitely ready for that, cause she's doing better eating solid foods and that means she doesn't need to nurse all evening long. Or doesn't want to, rather (that, btw... I was NOT ready for. and bawled my eyeballs out because it means she's growing up). And true to her Libby nature, she cut those two teeth like it was nothing. 

My goodness, this girl's sweetness is a blessing.

When we returned from Arizona a few days ago, she decided she'd start sleeping a little longer stretches at night. And I am totally cool with that. My body is.. ahem.. adjusting to it, however. You wanna sleep 10-11 hours? Go right ahead, my dear. I support you 100%.

When she was a newborn in the middle of her colicky, refluxy, sleepless chaotic mess, I wouldn't have dreamed this day would come so soon. But it has. And oh, it is so, so, wonderful.
While in Arizona, she spied her second cousin crawling on his knees and decided to copy. And just like that, my flopping baby seal is now a quadruped. 

She's toying around with the idea of walking.. but still a little unsure of her new standing-on-her-own skills. I guess, that could be a frightening thing, for a little person.

I love how those chunky thighs and cankles hold her up.
I'm not sure I was ready for her to begin moving at light speed either, but she's doing it, and she's only getting faster.

We've reached the chasing stage.
I can hardly get over how much she looks like her daddy when she smiles.

And these faces are happening sometimes. Vera must be teaching her the art of the stink eye.

Can I just talk about how awesome those two are together for a moment? I love it. Sure, I don't love having to constantly remind Verity that her sister is smaller than her (what a bully!), but this whole thing where they play and laugh together? It's a dream. This is what I dreamed of when I first entertained the thought of having two girls two years apart. Their laughter is so precious. 

Husband recorded a little clip of them laughing together and we both use it now as our ringtones. 
I've always loved how Libby soaks up kisses. Verity has never tolerated that kind of snuggles and smothering of affection, so it's a real treat for me to be able to kiss her chubby cheeks to my hearts content, and hold her as much as I want to. Sometimes she climbs up on me and just smooshes her face into mine, as if asking for more kisses. I love it.

Can she stay this loving? Please?

I love that she'll still (sometimes) fall asleep in my arms.
And that cloth covered booty? And the chub creases? 

I love this little baby. And it is going way too fast!