a new haircut for Libs and other shenanigans

Liberty's hair is really coming in (...and about time?!). So the palm tree on top of her head style is getting a little dated. Since it just flops over and stuff.

Not to mention... her hairline mimics my husbands, and many other middle-aged men. I'd pull it back and kinda go...


What do I do about this hair?!

That's pretty much been the question of her life. I was spoiled rotten when my first child had perfect, even, thick hair from the start. And while Libby's curls are just about the cutest thing I've ever seen, it's taken a while to get to this point. I think this is her 5th haircut or something.

And the kid isn't even 2 yet.

I know a lot of moms don't care. Don't all babies have weird, ugly hair?! It's probably not as huge a deal as I make it. But you know... the mohawks, the unevenness, the mullets, the stringiness.. I just can't.

So she's had a million haircuts. Whenever it starts to look uneven, I break out the scissors.

This is what we did today:
 Those two shots were snapped in about 5 seconds, and then Verity joined in and it turned into this:
It's so rare to get such candid photos of Vera these days. She's usually so timid. I'm so thankful I was able to snag these shots of them!


a lil bit o' pumpkin patchery

After a late night for all of us last night, Husband came pouncing on the bed where I lay sandwiched between two sleeping little girls, and asked excitedly, 

"Shall we wake up the girls and go to the pumpkin patch?!"

I sorted through my hazy morning thoughts and vocalized them one by one as they came to the surface.

"I have a lot of sewing to do.
Sure, let's go.
Help me out this mess?
I need a shower.
Can you make me some eggs?"

Husband was happy to help with all of the above. Except the sewing. And I showered all by myself. So really, just the extraction from between two small children and the making of breakfast foods. Which is really awesome. Every time he cooks something I can't help but think how awesome it is. And then I conclude,

"Dang, he's got it good."

Since I cook nearly every meal for our family. I use the word 'nearly' because I've been kicked off Thai curry duty. Apparently your entire being has to go up in flames or it's labeled "bland." 

It's pretty grand when you get to eat homecooked meals without lifting a finger.

So, off to the pumpkin patch we went.

It was a gorgeous day!
 We must have gone much later in the season last year, as I remembered all the pumpkins laying in plain view out in the fields, and this year, all were still attached to the vines.

"Why are the pumpkins hiding, Daddy?"

And they kinda were.
 The girls each picked a small pumpkin. 
(their hair looks white. but I promise they're not albinos)
 Then hopped in the wagon to observe as Daddy selected the largest pumpkin in sight.
 A trailer ride back to weigh in and pay for our loot, Libby getting distracted by every pebble and speck of dust, and a few last photos before heading home, made for a memorable family outing.
We love this time of year. We love that we got married in October, in the middle of all the other most wonderful things and festivities. 

I'm thankful for my little family. (And thankful that I left my sewing on the shelf for a few hours to enjoy this with them.)

Happy Autumn, everyone! Hope you're enjoying it as much as we are!


life lately.. according to Instagram

Ummm.. where've you been the past two months? Where do you even live now, anyway? What's going on, here?!

Don't I wish I knew...

Well, we're back in Idaho. For a while. Basically. We live in Idaho.

Spending half the summer in New Hampshire was pretty grand. You already read about how much I love the ocean. That has to be, hands down, the thing I miss most when I'm out here in this dry, landlocked state. I miss the ocean. Family, too.... but you know... I can't skype the beach, guys.

Husband came to visit us after about a month, to sort of refresh himself and gear up for another month at his job in Minnesota. And wouldn't you know? We are just so dang wonderful that leaving again was the hardest thing ever. He is so wonderful. I love that I can truly say that in all honesty. I love being married to this guy.

So we decided we just didn't want to live apart any longer than we absolutely had to. Husband accepted a new job in Idaho, and we made our way back out west. 

Crashed at Grandma's until we got the walls of our new home painted.

And here we are! So much has happened. 

I'm looking back at all these photos with all of these stories that I haven't posted. And I'm thankful for Instagram, for serving as my mini-blog when life gets away from me.

Here are some highlights of the last couple months:
These girls kill me with their cuteness.

I met my brother's girlfriend and she rocks. Pretty much everything about her rocks.

Typical New Hampshire scenery. Typical dirt-covered Liberty. 
 Swimming in lakes.
 Blueberry picking, and making jam. Rides on the mower with Uncle Adam.
 More New Hampshire scenery.
 The magic and joy of cookie dough. (They had no interest in the actual cookies.)
 Bedtime stories with Auntie.
 A quick coastal getaway with Husband, in Rockport, Mass.
 Family hikes.
Visits from old friends.
 family times.
 Into Boston to drop off Daddy.
 Ikea shenanigans with Grammie.
I wish all toys were made of natural materials. (Down with plastic, chemicals, and electronics!!)
 Outings with Grammie, the whole fam, and a farewell to the ocean.
 Coolest aquarium trip of their life.
 Another cross-country road trip. From the midwest to the mountains.
 I have the BEST stuff growing in my new backyard!
 carseats, loveys, and blankies.
 getting ready for move-in.
 In Idaho. Together as a family. Drinking fresh carrot juice.
 An unexpected influx of Etsy sales. I have my work cut out for me in costumes this year.
 This crazy girl and the crazy bunny saga (bunny is currently AWOL. please report if found!)
 Apples, apples, apples.. and canning things with apples.
 a giant chalkboard wall in my kitchen was an absolute NEED. occupy them while I make dinner...? yes, please.
So, there you have it. Two months all in one big long photo-dumping post.

Will I start writing again? Absolutely. Consider this my first post "back." Many, many more to come. So many stories to tell.

Thanks for hangin in there with me, friends!