the best yet

 It was only a week ago, and I'm already looking back on our anniversary with longing. Husband took two days off work for it and I think that was the best idea in the recent history of the world because... oh my gosh! Two days together (and as a family) with no other commitments?! 

My husband is always full of good ideas, but this one was possibly his best yet.

Everything was wonderful.

We went out for breakfast together (the couple across the aisle from us was ordering beer at 10am.. I didn't even try not to pass judgment.. because if you have to drink in the morning, isn't that why they invented mimosas?) while grandparents kindly watched the kiddos. It is such a treat to get to sit down at a restaurant without using 90% of your energy keeping dangerous and sticky things out of grabby little hands. The food was yummy, too. I'm such a breakfast person that I get up and cook an actual breakfast at least 5 days a week at home... but I never have it smothered in hollandaise sauce. Mmmmm!

As Amy March put it:"Oh, isn't butter divinity?"

And the silly waitress was completely stumped when I asked if they had any real maple syrup. Honestly.. things like that just make me homesick for New England, or at the very least, the company of other maple syrup snobs.

We spent the day at home together as a family and it was so peaceful. I sat at my sewing machine putting the finishing touches on Halloween costumes. A good friend stepped in and volunteered to babysit when our previous sitter plans fell through.

Dinner was absolutely fantastic. I love it when a restaurant impresses me and I'm not sitting there wondering why I'm paying someone to make me food that I can make myself. Holy la moly, Johnny Carinos. Everything was fantastic.

I only spent the first 20 minutes of the car ride worrying (5 of which Husband allowed me to do out loud), which proves how awesome I am because this was the longest I'd ever been away from Liberty, the farthest I'd ever been away from Liberty, and the first time she's ever gone to bed without nursing first. And the rest of the evening was spent without a care in the world.

Just me and my husband.

We exchanged some small gifts and in general spent the most fabulous time relaxing. 

Maybe we should start celebrating every month like this. Or at least twice a year. Because everything was so peaceful and lovely.

Husband agreed those two days were the best vacation we've had yet.
(Also, I really appreciate that my husband has never had a problem with my shredding up the flowers he gives me.. just to play with.)

Happy 4 years, love.


The Reading Mother

I really love this topic. Some of the best memories of my childhood stem from books I read, and it's one of my favorite parts about being a mom. I also love that it's not a topic of huge controversy, as are so many other things that make up "the mommy wars." Because really.. is there anyone that thinks you shouldn't read to your child?

Mmmmm... yeah... didn't think so.

The girls and I go to the library about every week or every other week. Depends on how much we love the books we currently have out. Depends on whether something we've had on hold is back in. Depends on how voraciously their Momma is going through a can't-put-it-down kinda series. Sometimes we just go for storytime and don't check anything out at all.

Often my girls will play happily together as long as I'm sitting there in the room. As soon as I get up and begin working on something... sure enough, they will need my help with the potty, or a drink of water, or start fighting over a toy, etc. So sometimes, we're all so much happier if Mom just parks it on the couch with a good book for a while. Everybody wins.

Know what else I really love about this? My toddler loves to read, too. She won't go to bed without a couple of books and a flashlight to read them with. (I'm using the term "reading" very loosely in regards to my toddler. Although she knows her alphabet well and can recognize quite a few words on her own, she's not full-on reading yet.) It's so cute and I love that the time she spends with books will make up some of her earliest memories. I love that she loves to do something that will take her so far in life and all of her educational pursuits.

Beginning next week, I'm going to starting a new little column or corner of the blog, in which I will be writing reviews of children's books. (Eeeeek! So exciting I could squeal out loud!) It's going to be a blast! 

In connection with this new endeavor, you'll find the addition of a few new links, to places such as Amazon, where all of these books can be purchased. Husband and I have toyed with the idea of monetizing this blog for a while, and have decided to try out a few things that will bring in some revenue for us while still maintaining our family blog feel. Because that's what all of this is mainly about.

And to reiterate that last point all the more, here's a poem that I can barely read aloud without choking up (and I'm not even pregnant and crazy hormonal, so you know it's legit). I really love it. 



the beginning of a lovely 4 years

The way we met was what most folks would call coincidence and what I would now call providence. 

You labelled me: nerdy, returned missionary, Molly Mormon

I labelled you: conceited

And I might have loved that curly, curly hair of yours, had I been able to see past the boy in love with his own voice. 


A few months passed. I watched you perform in a musical that I was required to see for a humanities class (but didn't tell you later that I wouldn't otherwise have come).

I knew: you would make a handsome older man someday.

You didn't know: I was there.

And I thought that maybe you were right about your voice- I left the theater duly impressed.


A few months passed. Our eyes met across the aisle before sacrament meeting.

You thought: I was pretty.

I thought: maybe you weren't so bad looking yourself.

And I might have shot a little smile your way.. hoping. Thinking that maybe I'd misjudged you. 


A few months passed. The time we regularly spent together was more about service and ward business than anything else.

You were: dating another musician.

I was: getting over dating another artist.

And you'd think this might have taught us something about dating people so similar to ourselves. But we weren't so quick to learn.


A few months passed. We enjoyed a smorgasbord sort of Easter dinner together and went on a few more dates. Then you texted me while away on choir tour in Alaska.

You misunderstood: my reaction.

I misunderstood: your text.

And maybe if these things were easier to understand, you wouldn't have called up that other girl and gotten back together.


A few months passed. We rarely spoke, although I never stopped hoping we would again someday.

You: were absent from ward council.

I: sat alone in shock.

And thought about how soon you'd be engaged, and was alarmed to find my stomach churning at the thought.


A few months passed. It was October. The landscape around us was dying, but things between us were just coming back to life.

You made: me laugh.

I made: time for you.

And maybe things would have come together then, had we both been ready.


A few months passed. An offer of a warm dinner in the middle of a blackout. 

You were: such a gentleman.

I was: aloof and unappreciative.

And when I went away the next semester we lost touch.

A few months passed. Reunited in the little town of Rexburg, we strolled familiar streets and laughed like old friends.

You felt: something spark.

I felt: something change in me.

On account of one small exchange of glances.

A few weeks passed, and we were inseparable. Soaking up every possible minute of every day together before the start of summer.

You: sang your heart out on that Nauvoo mission.

I: worked my heart out in my design classes and wrote you everyday.

And it was perfect. 

A few months passed. A trip to New England and the gift of a handmade ring on bended knee.

You asked: for forever.

I asked: yes, please?

With the happiest of hugs and the most committed of kisses, we faced shocked reactions and the possibilities of the future.

A few months passed. I arrived late to the temple and you calmed my tears, helping me embrace the happiness of our sealing instead of the heartbreak of my family's absence.

We both answered: Yes.

As we knelt at that beautiful altar in that beautiful sacred place, and the blessings of eternity were pronounced upon us. That beautiful autumn day that we were sealed together forever.
I love you, Jordan Judd.