camping at Pebble Creek

"I know you're just doing this for me," Husband said. 

He was right. I'd been putting off camping this summer as long as possible, using the "it still gets too cold at night" excuse. I say 'excuse' because it always gets cold at night in Idaho. 

I have way too many less-than-fond memories of freezing while camping, when even in the middle of summer it gets down in the 40s after sunset. 

We chose to revisit a site we'd camped at a few years ago, sorta near Lava, but a little more off the beaten path. It's a beautiful drive. I love the mountain meadows full of tall grasses, sagebrush, and wildflowers, with evergreen-dotted mountainsides behind them. I love the twinkling of the leaves like a million tiny little coins as the wind blows through the aspens. 
Idaho has its charms.

And cows have the right of way.

This little hollow in the woods is nestled next to a peaceful little creek that's perfect for little ones to throw rocks into for hours on end. The sound of the water flowing is like the perfect lullaby (as long as you don't need to use the restroom.. cause there ain't one.) 

I liked camping here- and camping in general- much better when I'm not pregnant. Have I mentioned that goal? No pregnancies in 2014!? Woo hoo! That's our little New Years resolution. Camping is so much better this way.
 So while Verity returned several dozen rocks to the creek, Libbie played on a blanket for a while. Until she got bored of that.. and set herself to the task of tasting all of the pinecones one by one and getting completely covered in dirt. (TMI.. that made for the weirdest diaper changing experience I've ever had.)
We nearly left without a tarp and rope when they proved initially difficult to find, but Husband persisted despite my declarations of "there's not a single cloud in the sky!" And wouldn't you know it? It rained. Put all of Husband's shelter-building skills and waterproofing of the tent to good use. 

Post-thunderstorm, Husband built up a cozy fire with wood collected from among the fallen trees and I put together a little dinnertime experiment: campfire calzones. It totally worked, and it was wicked cool. Round one involved one of those little metal sandwich cooker things on a stick.. which both charred the dough and melted the metal. Cooking tool then destroyed (sorry Cameron & Tiffany... we'll replace it...), we found a rock with a flat-ish side and cooked our calzones on it, a moderate distance from the flames. Round two was a success! They. Were. Delicious.
We made s'mores and ate them.

We all cuddled up into our double sleeping bag and hunkered down for the night. We stayed surprisingly warm right up until just before dawn. I guess that's what happens when you have x4 body heat in a confined space.
Morning brought a roaring fire to keep warm and beautiful streams of sunshine through the trees. We cooked some tin foil breakfasts (which were less of a success than the calzones) to minimize dishes to be cleaned, and shared some bagels and juice around the campfire before taking down camp and heading back home.
(next time.. we're bringing the camp stove to cook our eggs)
And here we are: crazy-haired, dirt-faced, tired, and smelling like a campfire. Libbie must have been extra tuckered out.. cause drifting off to sleep while nursing is a rare, rare occurrence these days. Poor, sweet babe. Mommy loves you.
I suppose this is the only good thing about 1:30 church: we get to camp out on Saturday nights and return home in time for the whole family to clean up and get to sacrament meeting before the opening hymn.

Husband has been giddy about camping since he was a little boy. As for me, I could take it or leave it. I like cooking over the fire, but I also like running water and toilets. Also, hotel maids clean up after you. 

But it all turned out great, and I'm happy that we went. Happy that Husband was happy, and happy to have embarked on our first solo camping outing- just the four of us. Husband was right about this one, for sure.


  1. Your munchkins are adorable! Love the pics.
    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Just now seeing this comment... thank you so much! :)


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